Rules and Policies

General Policies & Guidelines

  • Kogaracon 2023 is the first year that we are charging, so please make sure you go to the registration table and register to partake in Kogaracon activities.
  • All sales of goods or services at the Convention must be pre-approved by Kogaracon Staff (for example, vendors and artists in the Artist Alley/Vendor Hall, autograph sessions, and photography sessions, etc). All other sales or panhandling fall under the “no solicitation” policy and are not permitted at Kogaracon.

COVID-19 Policy

Policies are subject to change depending on external factors in COVID infection rates and other influences; please check our social media and this page for updates.

Mask Policy

  • Masks are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this convention.
  • Middlesex College does not currently have a mask policy and we also do not have enough staff/manpower to be able to fully enforce a mask mandate at our show, therefore, Kogaracon is unable to enforce a mandatory mask policy, we do; however, strongly suggest you wear a mask for activities inside the College Center and Crabiel Hall.

Vaccination Policy

  • For Kogaracon 2023, we will NOT require proof of vaccination at the day of the convention.
  • Vaccination is strongly recommended, and we suggest being up-to-date on the booster for your respective vaccine prior to attending.

Doing Our Part

  • In an effort to maintain happiness and health for our staff and attendees, we aim to:
    • Provide hand sanitizer throughout to convention
    • Provide masks throughout the show.

We ask that all attendees self-evaluate prior to coming to Kogaracon in order to protect others at the event. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has had COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the event, please stay at home. If you are feeling unwell in general before the event, please stay home and get some rest.

For further COVID-19 related information, please refer to the links below:

Autograph Policy

Kogaracon staff acknowledges that getting autographs from our special guests is a major highlight at a convention for attendees. In order to give the greatest number of fans the opportunity for a meet and greet, we must keep the lines running smoothly. Please following Kogaracon’s official rules for Autograph session times, which are below:

  • Lines will start no earlier than 10 minutes before the autograph session.
  • Guests may offer merchandise for autographing that you may purchase during the session.
  • Guests will not sign any bootleg or illegal items. Please bring licensed items only. Both the guests and Kogaracon Staff reserve the right to deny autographing for a specific item.
  • Please have whatever item you want autographed ready to be signed by the time you reach the front of the line. (e.g. Remove CD sleeves/DVD cover from their cases before you get to the guest.)
  • Out of courtesy to those in line behind you, please try not to take up a lot of the guests’ time when you reach the front of the line.
  • You may bring gifts or small things to give to the guests; however, food gifts will not be permitted.
  • Photo Etiquette: Taking photos of the guests while you wait is strictly prohibited and may result in removal from the session.
  • Kogaracon does not guarantee all attendees will receive an autograph, so it is important to let the line proceed as quickly as possible.

*Remember that all attendees seeking an autograph must wait in line and skipping the line or holding a spot for another person is not allowed and will result in removal from the session. *

Dress Code

  • Every Attendee must have their private areas covered at all times.
  • Cloth must extend at least one inch above the nipple and below/to the sides of the breast, and at least one inch above the pubic area and below the crotch/buttocks.
  • This coverage must remain in place while moving/bending/posing/etc., so if your cosplay or outfit rides up/down, please extend it, find a way to secure it, or wear something under it.
  • Shoes or footwear are always required.
  • No rollerblades, Heelies (with wheels inserted), hoverboards, or stilts are permitted, due to safety and space concerns.
  • Shirt coverings must always be worn.
  • Mesh shirts are allowed if they provide the require coverage of sensitive areas.
  • Tape over the nipples will not suffice.
  • Capes will not be accepted in place of shirts – if you’re wearing one, please wear a shirt underneath.

If you are uncertain if your outfit is appropriate, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member before or during the convention!

Harassment Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault, battery, harassing or unwanted photography or recording, continuous disruption of panels or other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention. If someone tells you “no” or to “leave them alone,” your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with that person, you may be removed from the premises.

Remember: Cosplay is not consent.

Our harassment policy applies to everyone- including but not limited to Kogaracon attendees, staff, volunteers, contractors, guests, panelist, vendors, and artists.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please notify a member of the Kogaracon Staff in that area immediately so that they may address it. Kogaracon Staff can be identified by their “Kogaracon Staff” T-shirts.

Weapons & Cosplay Props Policy

In all cases, final decisions on what constitutes an inappropriate prop belongs to the Kogaracon Staff and Middlesex College. If your prop is deemed inappropriate or dangerous to others, you will be asked to remove it to your car or somewhere else outside the convention.

Please use common sense when bringing prop weaponry to Kogaracon. If you would not carry your item in public, in plain sight, then you should not have it at the convention.

  • All prop weapons must be easily identified as being replicas.
  • All props must be inspected and approved by a Kogaracon staff member at the Information Desk. Approved weapons will be marked with either a zip-tie or ribbon.
  • The maximum prop size is six feet (6’) in any direction.
  • Misuse of your prop, by swinging it or endangering others with it, will result in Kogaracon staff asking you to remove the prop from the convention space.

Disallowed Props and Weapons
The following props and weapons are NOT allowed on the Middlesex College campus at any time:

  • Projectile Weapons (or imitations thereof), including, but not limited, to firearms, airsoft guns, water guns/pistols, air rifles, Nerf guns, and BB and pellet guns, regardless of whether it is functional or not. No guns of any kind or design will be permitted, if you have any questions please check with the convention staff before the convention.
  • Crossbows, dart guns, stun guns, blowguns, and tasers
  • Live steel, including, but not limited, to sharpened and dull swords, knives and other cutting implements
  • Throwing stars and shuriken, metal armor, including chainmail
  • Anything made of metal that can take an edge, regardless of if it is sheathed or dull
  • Real bows and arrows, or parts of real bows (including both tipped or non-tipped arrows)
  • Incendiary Devices and Chemicals such as smoke bombs, smoke powder, flash bombs, sparklers, and other fireworks
  • Flails and Throwing Weapons, including, but not limited to, nunchaku, sansetsukon, and hard paddles

Illegal devices not permitted on the campus of Middlesex College, in the city of Edison, or in the state of New Jersey

The following props/weapons are generally allowed, but will be subject to Kogaracon staff members’ discretion:

  • Prop bows, provided they are strung loose (not taught or tight) with twine, yarn, or another non-functioning material
  • Decorative props with no moving parts, less than six (6) feet in height, and under fifty (50) pounds deemed not hazardous or obtrusive to other convention attendees.

Swap Meet & Greet Policy

  • NO BOOTLEGS OF ANY KIND. Potential bootlegs can include, but are not limited to: “all region” HK DVD sets, off-color wall scrolls, soundtrack covers printed, reproduction trading cards
  • NO WEAPONS. No matter what the material is, if it resembles a weapon, please do not bring it to trade or bring to the convention. This includes, but is not limited to : wooden practice swords. This is not negotiable!
  • NO CASH TRANSACTIONS/CURRENCY TRADING OF ANY KIND. There is absolutely no money exchanging during the swap meet; this also includes currency exchanges as well. All items must be swapped with another item/items only. Failure to follows this rule will result in being banned from swap meets.
  • UNWANTED/ UNTRADED MERCHANDISE MUST BE TAKEN WITH YOU. Kogaracon staff and Middlesex College are not responsible for disposing/recycling of any unwanted items. Whatever you bring, if it is not traded, must be taken with you. No exceptions.

*Attendees are not obligated to trade items if they do not want to, but as stated above attendees cannot leave anything behind in the room.

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