Visit our exclusive panels and hear what your peers have to say about the anime culture around you. Don’t be afraid to participate in a fun and family-friendly environment where you are free to express yourself!


Room A

10AM: Cosplay 101
Considering cosplaying but don’t know where to start? Or have you been cosplaying for a while but want to expand your knowledge of what works best for making an outfit or prop? That is what Cosplay 101 is for. Join celsius for an introductory cosplay panel ran more of a Q & A style. It’s not here to throw information at you, but to share it. The plan is to cover the basics (fabric, where to buy wigs, cosplays, contacts, etc.), safety, and self-awareness and share experiences, tips, cheats, and advice when it comes to cosplaying. Think of the panel as an encyclopedia to expand your knowledge to make that rough start a little easier. Come to learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The cosplay community is a supportive one so you might be able to find the support and information you need to start cosplaying or even improve your craft. No one is perfect and we’re always learning.

11:30AM: Kiki’s Delivery Service – 30 Years and Still Charming
Thirty years ago, animator Hayao Miyazaki released a movie that not only catapulted his animation company Studio Ghibli into superstardom, it captured the imaginations and hearts of audiences around the world. That movie was “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Today the film is as enchanting as ever, but there are many things that viewers don’t know about this beloved classic. Did you know that it was originally based on a children’s book in Japan? That there are three existing English dubs of this movie? That Miyazaki and company traveled around Europe to find locations to inspire his masterpiece? Learn all about it right here!

1PM: Body Positivity in Cosplay with Gajuca Cosplay
In this panel, we’ll be discussing body positivity and how to embrace yourself in cosplay, and generally how to feel more confident! I’ll also be teaching our plus size cosplay friends to alter costumes to be more comfortable and share all my secrets! After being a plus size cosplayer for 9 years I’ve acquired lots of tips and tricks and wisdom that I’d love to share with you.

2:30PM: The Otaku History Guide
What are the origins of anime and manga? When did cosplay get popular and how have conventions changed in the last thirty years? Come take this jam-packed crash course on the history of all things otaku to find out! We’ll go over how modern manga came to exist, look at the life of an American otaku before the era of internet, discuss what it’s meant to be an ‘otaku’ through different time periods, and more!

4PM: How to Host on YouTube (without the hassle)
Have you ever thought about trying to make videos and posting on YouTube? Well you’re not alone! We invite all indie content creators looking to upload their content on YouTube (or other video sites) to come on down and learn some trade secrets. We’re covering all the basics; what equipment to use, what content to create, and what to be careful of when hosting videos.

5:30PM: Tokyo Ghoul Q & A
Join us for an in-character Tokyo Ghoul Q&A! We’ll be doing truth or dare, and other crowd driven improv games. Attendees should make sure to bring their questions and some fun dares!


Room B

10:30AM: Anime Dolls
When you hear Dolls, what comes to mind? Barbie? Bratz? Monster High? Disney? This panel is here to introduce everyone to a whole new side to doll collecting that is growing in popularity. Currently there are many different types of anime collectibles such as, Nendoroids, Figmas, Gundam Kits, Statues, etc., etc.  Anime Dolls will open your eyes to a whole new area of collectibles that take a little bit from all these “current” collectibles and combine them into one single product. This panel is great for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in the hobby.

12PM: Must Watch 2019 Anime
Already behind on the anime of 2019? Luckily, Sloan the Female Otaku is here to provide you with all the anime you’re missing out on. From romance, to shonen, and hidden gems, you’ll find something that’ll catch your eye faster than the arrival of My Hero Academia Season 4.

1:30PM: Cosplay 101 Eva Foam Basics
This panel will be a workshop on how to work with EVA foam! Come on down to learn not only how to use it, form it, and where to buy it from, BUT also show some safety tips for crafting cosplay. The panel is accessible to cosplayers of all ages, whether you are just starting out or you are a cosplay veteran!

3PM: My Hero Academia – Character Q & A
The students of UA High have gathered at Kogaracon to answer audience questions about balancing their hero and everyday lives. Come join your favorite My Hero Academia characters and have fun!

4:30PM: Top Shelf Cosplay on a Bottom Shelf Budget
Want to create award winning cosplays? Take the internet by storm?? Or just look amazing and impress your friends??? Learn the tips, tricks, and cosplay secrets from a panel of award-winning cosplayers who live in the real world and create art on a budget. Learn how to mimic textiles, armor, props, and electrical pieces without breaking the bank.

6PM: Figure Skating for Anime Fans
A basic overview of real life competitive figure skating, geared at people who are interested in the sport because they watched Yuri on Ice. Join us as we go over current and past big names in skating, talk about the basics of the sport, and how faithful the anime is to the climate of competitive skating.


Room C/Game Shows

10AM: Getting Started on Twitch (and Streaming): Gear, Attitudes, and Games
Do you know what Twitch is? Have you thought about streaming to Twitch or even YouTube Gaming? Ever wondered what goes into making a live stream. Speak with an active member of Twitch and Twitch affiliate Paul “retched” Williams. He’ll show you what goes into becoming a Twitch streamer and will show you the ins and outs of the community.

12PM: Game Show Megamix
You are the next lucky contestant! Game Show Megamix is where you get to test your anime (American, Japanese) and/or video game knowledge, skill, luck, and daring in some of the greatest classic and original game shows ever. What are we going to play in the first round? And what prizes will we have to give away? You’ll just have to “come on down” and find out!

2:30PM: Cosplay Dating Panel
Do you like cosplay? Do you want to meet your partner in crime? Your perfect ship come to life? Well we have a panel for you. Coming back to a convention near you we present COSPLAY DATING PANEL! Join the ranks of Bachelors and Bachelorettes, to find your perfect match. Come join your hosts TonixTemptress and Samikins in finding love between characters and have fun while doing it!

4PM: K-Variety Games Hour
Enjoy watching Variety games? Well this panel is for you! Join us at this hands-on panel and come play various games seen in Korean Variety shows such as Charades Relay, What’s in the box, Rock paper scissors, Telephone, and more!

5:30PM: Happy Birthday, John! 10th Anniversary of Homestuck Panel!
“Happy Birthday, John! 10th Anniversary Homestuck Panel” will be an in-character panel in celebration of both the protagonist John Egbert’s birthday, as well as the 10th anniversary of Andrew Hussie’s hit webcomic Homestuck. The panel will be birthday party themed, featuring party hats, birthday decorations, and party games that both panelists and audience members can partake in, such as Truth or Dare, Pin the Horns on the Troll (Pin the Tail on the Donkey), Spin the Faygo (Spin the Bottle), Hot Potato, and more. Game participants are eligible to win party prizes, provided by the panelists. Our panel aims to celebrate this milestone anniversary for the Homestuck series through a fun and interactive performance.


Rooms 319-321: Manly Battleships® Panels

12PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: Tame That Tune
The Manly Battleships® are proud to bring you their version of the classic song match game! Our melodic masters have assembled songs from big, small, and downright obscure media for your pleasure. Put your repertoire of knowledge up against the best we have to offer!

1:30PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: 8-bit Gaming Challenge
Join the Manly Battleships® as they dig up some of the most horrible gaming challenges from the 8-bit era. Relieve the nostalgia of all those times you died or learn first-hand why 8-bit gamers are such a grumpy group. With random game and difficulty everyone has a chance to get a game over.

3PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: I Know That Voice!
The Manly Battleships’® offer you an original challenge! Come test your knowledge of voice actors & actresses in a variety of media across the ages. There will be prizes to offset the massive strain on your brains!

4:30PM: David Bowie: Like Some Cat From Japan
Before Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie was just another rock star looking for something unique and he found it… in Japan! This panel will delve into the inspiration Japanese culture had upon David Bowie and then cover the impact he would have on so much in anime, sci-fi, and much of fandom. [A Manly Battleships® Production]

6PM: Before An Unexpected Journey
Long before An Unexpected Journey, anime played the field when Studio TOPCRAFT made the first offering of Middle Earth on screen. Passed-over by the regular otaku crowd, our investigative panelists would like to share a story with you of American company Rankin/Bass, TOPCRAFT, Tad Mochinaga, and the magical world called: “Animagic.” [A Manly Battleships® Production]


Studio Theater:

5:30PM: HARU Kpop Dance Workshop
Come and join HARU as they teach popular K-pop choreography in a step by step, easy to understand way that people of any dance background can learn from! As Korean pop culture including K-pop music is spreading and becoming bigger worldwide, we aim to further share the appreciation for K-pop through dance. Anyone can join us in learning exciting K-pop dances and having fun with other K-pop fans.


Main Theater

2PM: Voice Acting with the Yu-gi-Oh cast
Join the voice actors from the Yu-gi-Oh! Cast discussing their experiences working in the Voice Acting Industry, sharing stories, and answering your questions.

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