Convention Rules

We ask that all Kogaracon “Still at Home Edition” attendees follow these rules. Repeated breaking of the rules may result in being banned from our Discord channel and Twitch chat.

  • Kogaracon is a family-friendly event, so we ask that you please not post anything sexually explicit or lewd. Our Discord channel will be moderated by staff members who can and will delete posts they deem inappropriate.
  • Any images depicting graphic violence of any kind are not permitted in chat. This includes threatening violence or bodily harm against any other attendee.
  • Do not bully, flame, or harass any other attendees in chat.
  • Derogatory language against people of other races, genders, sexualities, or religions are prohibited in chat. No slurs of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Talk about politics or other sensitive subjects will not be permitted in chat.
  • Do not spam the chat with links or self promotions.
  • It may take our panelists time to respond to your comments while presenting their panel. Please do not spam them with the same question multiple times or harass them if they don’t answer quick enough.

If another attendee has been harassing you on our Discord channel or Twitch chat, please let a staff member know.

  • On our Discord channel, staff members can be reached @Staff and are indicated by green and red color names.
  • We will have multiple staff members moderating our Twitch streams.

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