Kogaracon 2021 “Still at Home Edition”

Greetings, Kogaracon faithful!

All of us here on staff are excited to welcome you to our third online event, Kogaracon “Still at Home Edition.” We may not be able to gather in person this year, but we are fully dedicated to providing you all with an unforgettable weekend filled with tons of awesome online entertainment. Don’t forget to stop by our Twitch and Discord channel on May 15th, 2021 to join in on the fun!

We’ll be inviting back some of your favorite artists as panelists and vendors, and will be hosting another virtual Artist Alley this year! You can watch all of our amazingly talented artists stream on our secondary Twitch channel.

The party doesn’t stop there! On our main channel we’ll be hosting music streams by some super skilled DJs and other panels hosted by avid anime and manga fans just like you.

All of us on staff sincerely hope you enjoy our event and look forward to seeing you all this upcoming May!

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