Kogaracon 2024 Applications

Artist Alley/ Vendor Hall Applications

Artist Alley/ Vendor Hall Applications for Kogaracon 2024 are closed!


Acceptances estimated to be sent out by the END OF JANUARY. Your portfolio link must be accessible at all times until acceptances are sent.

Each Artist/Studio must submit an individual application. Please note that we select standard artist tables based on a screened lottery and double artist tables via jury.

We do NOT allow table sharing for vendors/artists who do not submit an application during the application period. Table Sharing must be requested and approved prior to the con.

We are a family-friendly convention. Mature works are not permitted to be displayed or sold at the convention. If you have questions about whether your work is considered mature, please reach out to us via email at kogaracon.vendorhall@gmail.com.

Panel Applications

Kogaracon 2024 will feature a variety of programming about anime, cartoons, comics, gaming, cosplay, and more! A majority of the live programming for Kogaracon is run by you!

Panel applications are closed.

Cosplay Guest Applications

Want to be a cosplay guest for Kogaracon 2024? Apply now.

Applications are closed for Kogaracon 2024.

Koga Cosplay Contest Applications

Applications are now live until April 15th at 11:59PM EST!

Kogara IdolFest

Participate in Kogaracon’s IdolFest this year! Rules and regulations are listed on the application. Please read the rules and regulations before applying.

Applications are closed for Kogaracon 2024.

Volunteer Applications

Interested in making Kogaracon 2024 a success? Do you want to gain volunteer experience for a convention? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes and want to get involved in a convention? Apply now to be a volunteer.

Application are now closed.

Sponsorship/Partnership Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring our 10th year show or partnering with us? Do you want to get involved? Please email sponsors@kogaracon.com for more details or if you would like to see our sponsorship deck. Thank you again for your support!

Guest Applications

Interested in being a guest for Kogaracon 2024? Kogaracon welcomes and features guests across different industries. Are you a comic book artist, actor, game developer, performer, content creator, competitive game player, director, influencer, or disk jockey (DJ) and want to be considered as a guest for Kogaracon 2024?

Guest applications are now closed.

Want to recommend a guest? We are currently accepting Guest Recommendation requests. Please fill out the Guest Recommendation Request form by clicking the button below.

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